Thursday, April 3, 2014

the first Whole school mass

The First Whole School Mass

Today we all had an whole school mass for 2014. When
?\we got into church the first thing we did was do the sign of the cross with Holy water.  Father sang the opening hymn then we all joined in singing.  Then the readers went up and they read some scriptures then Father carried on with mass.  After that the leaders went up. Their badges and they were Blessed by father then the teachers and staff went up for their Blessings for this year.  It was a great Mass for this year.

Today I really enjoyed this Mass because I was singing to praise the lord. I was thinking that one day i would like to be an altar server like Vilami,Lopeti and Seurati. When I saw the leader getting the honours badge I said to myself I want to be a leader and get an honours badge. It was an exciting Mass experience for me.



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