Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Egg Thinking

The whole class had to wrap an egg safely so it did not break when dropped from a high distance.

What we did:
  1. We got into groups.  Dalani, Frank and me.
  2. We all thought about what we were going to do.
  3. Dalani put the egg into a plastic bag
  4. Frank stuffed the bag with lots of cotton balls.
  5. We all had turns sellotaping around the bag.
  6. Dalani dropped it from a short distance to see if it would break.
  7. When we checked the egg it did not break.
  8. We walked around looking at other peoples work.
  9. We got an idea to put it into a little biscuit bucket.
  10. All of us wrapped it with newspaper.
  11. Frank and I put more sellotape around the bucket.
  12. Last of all we drew a smiley face on the news paper.
  13. WHen the time was up the whole class sat on the matt.
  14. each group had to drop their egg from above the door.
  15. Before the group dropped their egg they had a before and after photo.
  16. When it was our turn Dalani dropped the egg.
  17. We rushed to open the packaging and our egg was safe.
  18. We did it!!!   


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